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Our process begins by preparing and submitting a Demand Letter outlining some repayment options. After receiving our letter, debtors often realize that satisfying their obligations immediately is their best course of action.

For debtors facing financial difficulties, negotiations are the next step. At this point, we try to develop a settlement agreement with terms acceptable to both parties.


If settlement attempts fail, the next step is to file suit. We handle the preparation, filing and subsequent prosecution of the lawsuit. Our attorneys follow the case closely, through Judgment and post Judgment collections.

We enforce Judgment through garnishing bank accounts, levying or liquidating debtor assets and inventory, encumbering real property, and making claims on the debtor’s future receivables, as well as other remedies.


A bankruptcy filing by the debtor is not the end of the road. As your advocate, Aubrey Thrasher vigorously defends your rights as a creditor in all chapters of bankruptcy and all phases of debtor restructuring.

We use a wide range of tools and procedures to optimize recoveries and protect our clients. This includes filing proofs of claim, applying for relief from the automatic stay, objecting to confirmation, and filing as well as defending preference and adversary proceedings.

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