Our Story

They say good business is about finding a need and then filling it better than anyone else.

That’s been true of the alternative lending industry, as it began offering fast, frictionless working capital to the growing businesses and consumers banks typically turned away.

However, all lenders understand the risk of non-payment for some percentage of debtors.

Vincent Aubrey

Vincent Aubrey

Vincent Aubrey, former Senior Litigation Counsel and VP of Collections at CAN Capital, could see that online commercial lenders were especially vulnerable to increased losses. As in-house counsel, he helped develop collections practices and policies unique to this industry.

A new kind of lending brought new kinds collections challenges, and there was little relevant expertise out there in such a new field. Traditional collection agencies and law firms were tooled only for traditional lenders and only have knowledge of traditional loans.

Mr. Aubrey believes that FinTech companies need a resource to help protect their interests, so they can safely operate and mitigate loss.

With that mission in mind, he left his position as in house counsel to create a boutique law firm that has become the premier firm for counseling Fintech companies in all aspects of their business.

One by one he began helping FinTech lenders recover funds and improve collections processes. He learned how to navigate the most complex cases. He built his firm, which has been molded by the needs of the Fintech industry, by assembling a like-minded staff and a network of legal associates for a national reach.

Mr. Aubrey had simply found a need, and has filled it better than anyone else.  

Our Approach

We work collaboratively with FinTech lenders, as a team with a common goal.

We are assertive and creative with debtors, but never unnecessarily confrontational.

We are glad to resolve issues, whenever possible, without litigation.

We explain options, considerations, and expected outcomes for better decision-making.

We support internal collections departments with the deeper level of expertise we offer.

We share insights and answer questions to help lenders build their own expertise.

We regularly update lenders with progress reports so they are never in the dark.

We stay with the case until the debt is satisfied or the case is otherwise closed.

We work on contingency, so we have a strong natural incentive to help you collect.

If this approach sounds like it’s right for you,

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