We efficiently handle a high volume collections practice with nationwide coverage

While our in-house attorneys litigate directly in Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Florida, Aubrey Thrasher has cultivated a network of attorneys nationwide to file suit and defend our clients’ rights in any jurisdiction. Aubrey Thrasher is the sole point of contact for all cases placed with us, and we ensure that our network of attorneys zealously advocates on our client’s behalf.


Aubrey Thrasher is highly successful at collecting without the necessity of litigation. Our initial omni-channel contact strategy seeks to engage with debtors and work towards an amicable, reasonable, and appropriate settlement arrangement before litigation is necessary. Over the years, we’ve found that this approach yields positive results, while protecting our client’s collection rights and applicable timelines.


At Aubrey Thrasher, our collection efforts do not end when a Judgment is obtained. Our post-Judgment collections team searches for assets to garnish, lien, or levy. We conduct post-Judgment discovery, domesticate Judgments, and foreclose on property in appropriate circumstances.


Aubrey Thrasher utilizes the most current and powerful technology to manage its collections practice. Our clients have real-time access to their files, status updates, and collection notes, so that our clients have the maximum visibility into the portfolio placed with us. The Firm’s collections platform allows our clients to receive sophisticated analytics on liquidation and recovery data, stratified in numerous, customized ways.

Our Firm provides performance reports to our clients on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, and customize reports to our clients’ needs. We monitor communications in compliance with all regulatory and client requirements.